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A tract of land, especially as considered with reference to its natural features

A diverse array of inland oceans, supervolcanoes, earthquakes, and erosion have all combined to create the stunning natural beauty of Utah over time. It’s the terrain of Utah, like its people, that is dynamic and constantly in motion. We hope our products not only personify Utah’s terrain but can be worn as you navigate, explore, and play within this great state.


What is Utah Terrain TM all about? For us, Utah's scenic beauty, boundless recreation opportunities, and rich history create a way of life worth experiencing. Simply put: we have a passion for Utah and want to share it with you.

It starts with the mountains (what else?). The name "Utah" originates from the Native American "Ute" tribe, meaning “people of the mountains.” Utah contains 79 unique mountain ranges, all of which help fuel and carve out the state’s other natural treasures, such as forests, red rock canyons, streams, rivers and lakes.

Much of Utah is preserved and protected for public enjoyment. Utah features five National Parks (only Alaska and California have more), seven national monuments, two national recreation areas, and six national forests. Visitors and residents spend most of their time enjoying this outdoor playground: hiking, skiing, biking, climbing and fishing, among many other activities.

Utah history reads like a great U.S. Western novel: Pioneers, miners, entrepreneurs, cowboys and Indians, and a pronounced independent spirit. While wrapped in this historic tapestry, Utah’s willingness to progress with the times has resulted in a thriving modern-day way of life. We are the “Beehive State,” after all.

We want the products, posts and pages of Utah Terrain TM to celebrate the very best of Utah for past and future visitors and residents. We try to emphasize quality, comfort and style. Like our great state, we continue to evolve and always value your feedback.

When we tell people where we're from, the most common response is, “Utah is awesome”. We fully agree and try our best with Utah TerrainTM to live up to this high standard.

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