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Top Blogs about Utah

Mark Pyper

Posted on September 16 2019

Top Blogs about Utah

In the year 1999, if you said the word "blog", you may have received either a raised eyebrow or a blank, unknowing stare. However, in just two short decades, US bloggers have a readership of close to 32 million people. Blogging has become one of the best ways to get hacks, news, tips, and advice on your favorite passions, hobbies, and interests. This month, we take a look at blogs with a specifically Utah theme. Like in other blog posts, we don't rank anything here but merely present our favorites with an eye towards a variety of themes: skiing, eating, outdoorsy stuff, sports, and family adventures.

Bear Foot Theory

When we searched "Utah blog" on Google, Bearfootheory.com was the first result, so they must be doing something right. While the blog covers more than just Utah, there is a large section just devoted to Utah outdoors. Besides the nice organization, the first thing that stood out was the great nature photography, and you can tell just by glancing at the photos the site emphasizes national parks and skiing. However, as you dive deeper there's more broad content - backpacking, glamping, rafting, hotel reviews. Be sure to visit this site for great tips and firsthand reviews on the Utah outdoors. Check out Bearfoottheory.com

Utah's Adventure Family

This blog has a very home-grown feel to it and its really oriented towards Utah natives. You can tell that this isn't some big city interloper blogging about well-known Utah tourist destinations, rather, this is from folks that really know the ins and outs of Utah. While some of their blog posts are about their travels outside of Utah, most of their content is geared towards out of the way or little-known Utah travel destinations. The best part is that they have tons of content. If you ever feel like you've exploited everything there is to do in Utah, head on over to this blog, because we can guarantee they've been to cool places in Utah that you haven't been to. Check out Utahsadventurefamily.com

The Salt Project

The Salt Project is a general hodgepodge blog regarding all things Utah. Come for their staycation ideas, stay for their mouthwatering photography of local grub. Their food shots are something to behold - close-ups of incredibly delectable sandwiches, burgers, ice cream, and, yes, tacos! There's a ton of stuff here, and averaging at least 6 blog posts per month, these gals are BUSY! They also collect a lot of useful discount codes for local Utah shops and experiences, so this blog can also save you a penny and not just inspire you to try out cool things to do throughout Utah. Check out saltproject.co

Utah Outside

While other Utah blogs devote a category to outdoor activities, this blog is solely focused on the great Utah outdoors. With a ton of guest contributors and with blog posts dating more than eight years ago, there is a tremendous amount of content here.  This really has everything you can ever think of when it comes to Utah’s outdoor sports: gear reviews, an event calendar, climbing spots, white water rafting locations, and of course mountain biking and skiing. Outdoor enthusiasts could spend many hours combing through the content on this well-curated blog. Check out utahoutside.com

Gastronomic SLC

As the site’s name implies, this blog covers the Salt Lake City dining scene. While the cornerstone of this blog is the restaurant reviews, it is also incredibly comprehensive with a thorough calendar section, a “menu watch” category (where you can see seasonal and weekly featured menu items and specials at your favorite go-to restaurants), “best restaurants” by category, and sadly, restaurant closures as well. We especially liked their “find food” feature where you can basically search restaurants by every filter imaginable. We were also struck by the low amount of ads for a blog so professional and complete – certainly a must for all SLC foodies. Check out gastronomicslc.com

Seven Slopes

This is a catch-all blog claiming to focus on the Wasatch front, but in actuality, it covers everything in Utah. In fact, this may be the most comprehensive blog about Utah in terms of its diversity of topics that it covers. While the blog is extraordinarily broad in its appeal, it suffers slightly in its lack of easy-to-use navigation (You may need to drill down a lot to find content about a specific topic). That aside, Seven Slopes is more than worthy for a visit given the diversity of topics that it covers. And, since this blog seems to be relatively new, they are adding content at a very fast clip – worth a look! Check out sevenslopes.com

Visit Salt Lake

A presence since 2008, Visit Salt Lake has a lot of useful content with fantastic photos. While it may be geared to the tourist, there’s no doubt that the posts on this blog will be more than useful to the Utah native. This blog also goes beyond typical categories, like their Salt Lake City neighborhood section and “Salt of the Earth” where they profile unique locals that have an impact on their community. This blog provides a nice blend of cultural events with hidden, unexplored areas of the Salt Lake arts and culture scene. Check out visitsaltlake.com

Ski Utah

As you might expect, the blog focuses on the Utah ski scene, but this is also a year-round blog that has to get creative with its content during the off-season.  Beyond the written word, this blog also features a great deal of video content. We particularly liked their Wild Women of the Wasatch video series, which, as you guessed, focuses on the ladies that make Utah great (but in ways that you might not always expect!).  Come for the ski reports and gear reviews, stay for the great content that shines a light on local color. Check out skiutah.com/blog

Across Utah

While many of the blogs we are covering deal with a wide array of topics, not so with Across Utah. This blog focuses on a 700-mile trek across Southern Utah.  The specificity of focus is a strength of the blog, because you actually follow a guy as he hikes his way across the Eastern edge of Utah to the Utah-Nevada border.  The narrow range of focus allows for granular detail about off-the-beaten path scenic spots. From judging by the comments, it looks like this blog has a passionate and loyal fanbase, and we see why. The videos are in-depth, personal, and highlight some of the best scenery on earth. Well worth a visit! Check out acrossutah.com

SLC Dunk

Seeing as the Jazz are the favorite sports team in Utah, reserving at least one spot for a Utah Jazz blog was unavoidable. We chose SLC Dunk, though there are a lot of great, comprehensive blogs that follow the Jazz. Just as you’d expect, there’s the minutia and trivia that you’d expect to keep a rabid fanbase satiated. In just one stop on SLC Dunk, we learned the years-long headband ban for players has officially ended,  got a glimpse at the throwback jerseys that will be featured in 2019-2020, and got an inside looks at Donovan Mitchell’s pregame playlists. All kidding aside, you’re not going to top SLC Dunk for its up-the-minute updates on all things Jazz. Check out slcdunk.com

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